This month I am celebrating my first year in business as a Hypnotherapist. A whole year of nurturing and growing my business, “my baby”, an apt description perhaps from someone who specialises in Hypnobirthing.  Setting up a small business as a sole trader and as a woman in my early fifties has been an exciting and daunting adventure. A sense of it’s now or never, taking the plunge to branch out, daring myself to follow my dreams and aspirations. The past year has been a huge learning curve which has involved me in marketing, networking, learning to use social media, making business plans, and learning how to complete tax returns!!!

I have experienced frustration, disheartenment, anxiety, demotivation and at times been somewhat lost in the journey. I have also needed to give myself a gentle reminder of when to give myself credit and acknowledge my successes, however small. It has been important to revisit my reasons and passion for starting my business to keep me on track.

My passion for Fitztherapy Works derives from a desire to support others in overcoming obstacles and difficulties that may be holding them back in life, enabling them to eliminate fears and anxieties, self doubts and unhelpful beliefs.Being able to practise what I preach for my own health and well being and self development is essential.

In her article “3 ways to stay passionate about your business” Gail Simmons suggests the following advice:

  1. Fuel your passion daily. Remind yourself why you started your business to support you to stay motivated & engaged.                                                                                                                                                                              Your passion can inspire you and everyone around you. It can dictate why you do what you do & why your business exists. Passion is your why & it will differientiate you from others, Fuel your why often”. (Simon Sinek)                                                                                                                 
  2. Fall in love with a problem. By falling in love with the passion, you can shift your focus when the solution isn’t working. Make sure your passion is for solving the problem, not for your solution.
  3. Don’t let the business of running your business get in the way. Identify which part of your business fuels your passion so that you can focus on it. Find someone to take over the tasks which drain your passion when ever you can.                                                                                                                              and importantly remember to take time for you….to take stock, re-energize, re-evaluate & move forward in the direction of where your heart drives you.

…….2018 holds some exciting plans and developments for Fitztherapy Works, in February I will be training with Sophie Fletcher and increasing my expertise as a Mindful Mamma Practitioner –

I look forward to offering Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing classes in the spring and will be attending some promotional events around the Wirral & Cheshire area…to be confirmed nearer the time.