Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) looks at how the brain processes information (Neuro), The way we communicate (linguistics), and how our behaviour patterns (programming) all interact. NLP incorporates a range of techniques appropriate for your specific needs and is based on the premise that an individual can easily break free from limiting beliefs by successfully addressing any internal conflicts.

Do you have unwanted behaviours, habits or fears that you want to overcome. Are you experiencing family issues or work stresses or feel overwhelmed by something from your past. Whatever it is I can help you to change your way of thinking using NLP by teaching you simple techniques that you can use over and over again to overcome these problems effectively.

NLP can help you become confident, motivated and successful in achieving your goals.

As a certified master practitioner in NLP I combine its principle techniques to enrich and guide my practice as a hypnotherapist.